Mimi and Rof

There is a dog and a cat, and their names are —
     and Rof.      
They live in a beautiful farm, surrounded by lavender fields. Mimi is friendly and smart but sometimes timid and nervous. Rof is curious and mischievous but always ends up doing something not so intelligent.
These two characters are created by two girls who live in New Zealand. Mimi is drawn by Michelle who is 12 years old. Rof is drawn by Olivia who is 9 years old. They share their imagination and interesting farm life through Mimi and Rof. 
The brand of Mimi and Rof cooperates with its parent farm, Lavender Backyard Garden. We grow, we design and we produce. The aromatherapy range of Mimi and Rof products combined parents’ needs for quality and safety with children’s needs for fun, colour and sensory exploration.

The Products