Lavender Essential Oil | How to Make Lavender Oil?

How to make lavender essential oil. Lavender Farm in Hamilton, New Zealand, teaches you about lavender.

At the end of January, we start to harvest our lavender plant from our lavender fields. Every year is exciting. Each lavender bud is filled near to its bursting point with essential oil. At this time of the year you will be surrounded by sweet lavender aroma.

Lavender Harvest, Hamilton, New Zealand Lavender Farm

We stuff the lavender into the HUGE lavender bucket to start the steam distillation. Then we stomp on it to compact the lavender. 

WARNING: It is not easy. Very tiring.

Lavender Distillation, NZ Hamilton Lavender Farm

Then we heaved ( With our fingers on remotes, of course) the lavender into the insulated steam cooker.

Fresh Lavender Flowers for Lavender Distilling, NZ Hamilton Lavender Farm

6 minutes later the lavender oil has already started to drip. When the first drip drops we were wrapped with ribbons of lavender fragrance.

How to make Lavender Essential Oil at Hamilton NZ Lavender Farm

After 45 LOOONG minutes ....

The first round of lavender cooking is complete. 100% pure lavender essential oil is made by Lavender Backyard Garden.

Lavender Flowers after cooked by lavender distill, Lavender Backyard Garden

This is our 100% pure lavender essential oil. Based on this pure oil, we made a wide range of lavender products for you to enjoy.


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