Farm Opening Hours & Admission

Our farm shop open 7 Days a week from November to Feb.

Christmas break 25th Dec. Merry Christmas! (Only day closed during peak season).

Lavender and Blueberry season normally starts around early December. Check our social media Facebook or Google Business Post before you come. 
Lavender Field Admission
Sightseeing & Casual Photos: $3 per person for entry fee. Kids under 3 is free.
Pick Your Own Lavenders: $10 a jar ring of flowers ( please bring your own scissors. We will borrow you a jar for measuring purpose)


Lavender Backyard Garden is privately-owned area which is open for flower-lovers from all over the world.
・No wedding photos in Lavender Backyard Garden allowed during business hour - Please refrain from wearing wedding dress or similar to it. 
No commercial photography allowed.
・No flying objects allowed – Please refrain from taking aerial photos and flying over Lavender Backyard Garden.
・No animal allowed - Some customers might be scared of them. 
Any wedding related photos or commercial or professional photography please enquire and book via email. Thank you.
Blueberry Field Admission
Blueberry Field entry fee: $4 per person (fruits are not included). Kids under 3 is free.
Pick Your Own Blueberry: $12 per kg. 
Please keep your eyes on our Facebook for blueberry field availability due to high demanded for peak season.


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