Things to Do in New Zealand | Pick Your Own Blueberries

Things to do in New Zealand: Pick Your Own (PYO) Blueberries. NZ Blueberry Farm.

If you plan your summer holiday to New Zealand, pick your own (PYO) blueberries is a Must Thing to do with your family and friends. If you live in New Zealand, pick your own blueberries is an essential kiwi family activitiy during summer school holiday.

Pick Your Own Blueberries is FUN!

Lavender Backyard Garden is the only PYO blueberrry and lavender farm in New Zealand.

We have a field of high bush blueberries that opens for PYO blueberries from early December till the end of January.

Our blueberries are medium size, tasty varieties. It starts fruiting around October.

Green blueberries in October, Hamilton, New Zealan Blueberry Farm, Lavender Backyard Garden. Click to read more.

All blueberries ripen at different times. They are delicious but need to be picked by hand.

Pick Your Own Blueberries, Hamilton, New Zealand Blueberry Farm. Click to read more.

We cover the bushes with netting to prevent birds.

Blueberry bushes at Lavender Backyard Garden, NZ blueberry and lavender farm. Click to read more.

When you pick your own blueberries, you need to lift up the netting and then pick. It is a great experience to feel like a REAL farmer.

What you should prepare before PYO Blueberries

Check our website or Facebook before you go

Mother Nature doesn't really follow our schedule, we have to follow hers, So please check out our website or Facebook to make sure our blueberries is ready to pick.

Dress like farmers

Please wear hats, right shoes such as gumboots, long sleeves and pants. You will want to protect yourself, not only from the sun but also cuts and scratches from prickly vines and bushes and bug bites.

Bring containers

We will provide containers that you can use to hold what you pick, but you will need to bring containers to carry your blueberries home.

Don't forget sunblock

Sunblock is a must if you don't want to get sunburn.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate!

Don't forget your drink bottle. If it is a hot day you will need water.

Kids are Happy. It is a Real Fun!

PYO blueberries at Lavender Backyard Garden in Newstead, Hamilton, New Zealand. Click to find out more.

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