What is the Special Gift for Mum? NZ Lavender Farm Gift Ideas

What is the Special Gift for Mum?

What is the Special Gift for Mum? NZ Lavender Farm

Finding a gift for mum that she will actually like can be a head-scratching task. 

We have put together a selection of beautiful lavender gift ideas for you to build your own gift set for mum. 

For Mum who Loves Gardening

Using our Lavender Olive Oil Hand Wash cleans mum's hands without stripping away the natural oils so she won't end up having dry hands. With our lavender essential oil, the hand wash leaves a refreshing natural scent that not only soothe mum's hand but relaxes her mind.


After removing stains gently, it is a good idea to use our Lavender Hand Cream to sooth and repair her hands. With very rich and high quality oils such as Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, it helps mum relieve dryness and provides lasting protection for mum's hands.


For Mum who Loves Bath

Mum deserves to feel great!

Creating an ultimate spa experience for mum is a great way to pamper her and show your appreciation of her effort to you and the family.

A Lavender Candle can provide a resort-like retreat in her own bathroom. It works well to set the intention to take some time to focus on herself. Gorgeous lavender aroma makes the entire bathroom cozy and calm.


Let mum enjoy a calming bath experience for stress relief and deep relaxation by adding our Floral Lavender Bath Salts into her bath. It is the better way to soak her stress away and leave her skin feeling moisturized.


Can you imagine mum with her big smile, lying in the lavender bubble bath? An aromatherapy bubble bath will be the way to her heart.


Adding a Lavender Bath Bomb into your gift set will create extra fun for her relaxing bath time. 


For Mum who Needs a Good Night Sleep

Freshen up her room with a Lavender Linen Spray for your bedding, sheets and towels to create an ideal sleep environment.


Lavender Sleep Balm is a calming and soothing blend of lavender essential oil to help mum ease into a relaxed state of mind and make her drift off naturally.


For Mum who Needs Skincare

Mum is the one who is taking care of everyone else first and putting themselves way down on their priorities list. It is a great idea to give her skin care products that she can use for regular nurturing rituals and support her to continue being the best mum ever.

Gift mum an aromatherapy Facial Massage Gel to make her feel fresh and rejuvenated with bright and glowing skin. It not only helps mum to relieve her facial muscle tension, but also boosts her circulation and absorb other skin care products better.


Our Manuka Honey & Lavender skin care range is one of those multitasking beauty products that is as good for mum's skin as it is for mum's mind. Manuka Honey Lavender Night Cream and Body Lotion together as a luxury gift set for mum gives her the perfect conditions to nod off at night. 



Last thing, don't forget to add a card with your own special message to your mum.

Not sure how to design your own gift box for mum. Click Build Your Own Gift Box instruction.

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