2-Day Road Trips from Auckland to Rotorua in Summer

2 Day Road Trip Route

2 Day Trip Lavender Backyard Garden, Hobbiton, Skyline Rotorua, Blue Springs from Auckland

Get ready to hit the open road this summer with our ultimate 2-day guide for the best road trips from Auckland to Rotorua. From stunning scenery to hidden gems and unforgettable experiences, we've got everything you need to make your summer road trip one for the books.

So buckle up and get ready for an adventure you'll never forget!

Start Time Day One 8.00am

Day 1 Lavender Farm & Hobbiton Movie Set

Auckland - Lavender Backyard Garden - Hobbiton to Rotorua

Stop B Lavender Backyard Garden

Indulge in a sensory experience at our beautiful lavender farm! Take a leisurely stroll through the fields, breathe in the calming aroma of lavender, and snap some stunning photos for your social media. Don't miss out on our delicious real fruit ice cream and the opportunity to pick your own fresh blueberries.

Distance from Auckland 1-1.5 hours drive
Suggested duration 1-2 hours
Activities Lavender Sightseeing, Photos, Pick Your Own (Lavender), PYO Blueberries

Click to learn more about Summer Activities at Lavender Backyard Garden

Pick Your Own PYO Lavender in New Zealand Lavender Farm, Lavender Backyard Garden

Lunch - Cambridge

Stop C Hobbiton Movie Set

The Hobbiton Movie Set, located in Matamata, New Zealand, is a breathtaking experience that brings the magic of Middle-earth to life. The movie set was used in the filming of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies and features 44 hobbit holes, The Green Dragon Inn, and other iconic structures. Visitors can take a guided tour of the set and immerse themselves in the stunning landscapes and intricate details of this beloved fantasy world.

Distance from Lavender Backyard Garden 40 mins drive
Suggested duration 
2 hours
Hobbiton Movie Set Tour, booking might be essential

Hobbiton Movie Set

Image Credit: Hobbitontours.com

Stop D Rotorua Accomodation

Distance from Hobbiton 1 hour 

Day 2: Rotorua, Blue Springs Back to Auckland

Skyline Rotorua - Lake Rotorua - Blue Springs to Auckland

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with this road trip from Skyline Rotorua to Lake Rotorua and Blue Springs before ending up in Auckland. Take in the stunning views of Skyline Rotorua from the gondola before exploring the picturesque Lake Rotorua. Then, discover the crystal-clear waters of Blue Springs and enjoy a refreshing swim before heading back to the bustling city of Auckland. This road trip is the perfect way to experience the beauty of New Zealand's North Island.

Stop D Skyline Rotorua

Suggested duration 2-3 hours
Activities Gondola Rides, Zipline, Luge Rides, Skyswing

Skyline Rotorua

Image Credit: Skyline Rotorua

Stop D Lake Rotorua

Suggested duration 1 hours
Activities Walk Lakeside Trial

Lake Rotorua

Image Credit: newzealand.com

Lunch - Rotorua

Stop E Blue Springs Putaruru

the Blue Springs are now closed to the public.)

Distance from Rotorua 40 mins drive
Suggested duration
1-2 hours
Walkway and explore the famous Blue Spring

Blue Springs Putaruru

Image Credit: newzealand.com

Distance back to Auckland 2 hours   

Our 2-day road trip guide from Auckland to Rotorua includes five must-visit stops, including Lavender Backyard Garden, the Hobbiton Movie Set, Skyline Rotorua, Lake Rotorua, and the stunning Blue Springs, ensuring an unforgettable adventure this summer.

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