How Do You know If a Candle is Good Quality?

Lavender Scented Candle Buying Guide

Lavender Backyard Garden is a New Zealand herb farm. We grow lavender, rosemary and use steam distillation to produce our own brand of essential oils. Our candles are handcraft by small batches and scented by our award-winning essential oils. If you would like to learn more about our farm click here to discover our farm.

Too many types of candles to choose from our website, right?

Here is a guide to help narrow down your choice.

1. Scent?

Lavender Scent

Since we are a lavender farm, the only scent we have is "Lavender". 

What does lavender smell like?

The scent of lavender is strong, charismatic and intensely botanical - underlying its floral sweetness are herbal and woody notes with balsamic and spicy undertones.

2. Essential Oil or Premium Fragrance Scented?

Essential Oils

Every candle has two smell types, cold throw and hot throw. 

Cold throw is the smell of the candle before burning. Hot throw is the release of fragrance when the candle is burning.

Generally speaking, candles scented with essential oils have a decent cold throw but subtle hot throw compared to fragrance scented candle. However, our farm use premium coconut wax and soy-coconut wax to create better hot throw for our essential oil scented candle.

If you enjoy more natural aromatic scents and are happy with lighter hot throw, you would like to choose our essential oil candles. We are different size and jars of essential oil candles for you to try. 

If you prefer strong hot throw, you could choose our Premium Lavender Fragrance Soy Candle. Since we are a lavender farm and we produce award-winning lavender essential oil, we choose premium fragrance that is very close to the smell of lavender essential oil. 

All our candles are carefully crafted to achieve a proper balance of fragrance load, melt pool, flame temperature and air currents in the room. 

3. Soy, Coconut-Soy or Coconut Wax Candle?

Coconut Wax

All waxes we choose are natural products derived from plants. They provide clean burn with GMO free, no paraffin and unnatural additives. 

Although paraffin waxes still provide better scent throw than other waxes, our farm does not use paraffin waxes due to its unhealthy nature. After conducting a number of tests, the candle waxes we used work well with our lavender essential oils and premium fragrance oil we selected. 

Therefore, the choice of candle wax is all about your own preference. 

4.  Price Difference between Candles


You might find that there is a slight difference between our essential oil candles and premium fragrance candles. Fragrance oils are manufactured chemical components specifically for the purpose of delivering a strong scent that makes an impact. Essential oils are derived from plant, it is more costly compared to fragrance due to its relatively intense production process. 

In addition, essential oil candles require a greater volume of oil to create a relevant scent profile. In other words, more essential oil is required per candle to match the scent intensity of a fragrance oil candle. 

List of Our Candle Selection

Lavender Essential Oil Coconut-Soy Candle

Votive Jar 60ml

Lavender Essential Oil Coconut Candle 

Amber Jar 100ml



Baby Geo Jar 120ml


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