Garden Ideas | How to Choose Lavender Plant for Your Garden

Garden Ideas: How to choose lavender for your garden, NZ lavender farm

The attractive foliage, beautiful purple flowers, and delightful scent. How can we not fall in love with lavender?

There are more than 450 Lavender varieties and finding the best lavender plant for your garden might not be a easy job. Not all lavender bloom at the same time, some lavenders bloom continuously from early spring to late summer. You can enjoy longer season of lavender blooming if you choose the right lavenders to plant.

Lavender Blooming Season Guides

All Year Round
Lavender garden guide, Dentata. New Zealand Lavender Farm  
French Lavender

Size: 100 x 100cm

All year round.

Most common variety in New Zealand garden.

Spring to Summer

How to choose the right lavender species for your garden. New Zealand Lavender Farm
Spanish Lavender

Size: 60 x 60cm

Early spring to late summer

How to choose right lavender for your garden, princess lavender.
Australian-bred Spanish Lavender

Size: 70 x 70cm

Spring to mid summer

Lavender plants selection, pink delight lavender. New Zealand Lavender Farm
Spanish Lavender

Size: 80 x 80cm

Spring to mid summer


Lavandula angustifolia (Pacific Blue), How to choose the right lavenders for your garden  
English Lavender

Size: 45 x 45cm

Early summer

One of major variety is grown at Lavender Backyard Garden for dry flowers and edible lavender.

Lavandin for lavender essential oil. Lavender Backyard Garden (NZ)
Two types:
Grosso Size: 55 x 55cm

Super Size: 60 x 60cm

Mid to late summer

Grosso and Super are major varieties grown at Lavender Backyard Garden for lavender essential oil distillation.

What are the strongest scents of lavender?

As a lavender farm in New Zealand, we grow mostly Lavandula x Intermedia for lavender essential oil distillation. The aroma is calming and relaxing - a bit sharper than an Lavandula Angustifolia, due to its higher Camphor and 1,8-Cineole content.

100% award-winning pure Lavender Essential Oil from Lavender Backyard Garden


Some studies found that lavender aroma helps to increase in deep sleep and reduce awakenings in both men and women. We have designed natural sleep aids based on the lavender essential oils from Lavandula x Intermedia.


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