Garden Ideas | How to Choose Lavender Plant for Your Garden

Garden Ideas: How to choose lavender for your garden, NZ lavender farm

Who can resist the allure of lavender? Its charming foliage, captivating purple blooms, and enchanting fragrance make it an irresistible garden choice.

With over 450 lavender varieties available, selecting the perfect lavender plant for your garden can be a delightful challenge. Lavenders don't all bloom simultaneously; some grace us with continuous blossoms from early spring through late summer. To extend your lavender's blooming season, it's essential to make thoughtful choices.

What to Consider When Planting Lavender?

  1. Consider the Lavender Type: Lavender boasts numerous varieties, each with its unique aroma and hue. French and English lavender are popular choices. French lavender offers a milder scent and thrives in heat, while English lavender boasts a robust fragrance and cold resistance.

  2. Check for Hardiness: Ensure the lavender you choose is suited to your climate. Certain varieties handle heat better, while others endure colder temperatures. Investigate the plant's hardiness zone to ensure it will thrive in your region.

  3. Inspect Plant Health: When picking lavender plants for your garden, opt for those with vibrant leaves and stems, devoid of any signs of disease or pests. Avoid root-bound plants and those that have already bloomed.

  4. Consider Plant Size: Lavender comes in various sizes, from compact to sprawling. Select a lavender plant that fits well within your garden space and complements your existing flora.

  5. Choose the Right Soil: Lavender flourishes in well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. If your soil isn't ideal, you can enhance drainage and alkalinity by incorporating lime or sand. Avoid overly nutrient-rich soil, as it can encourage excessive leaf growth at the expense of blossoms.

    Selecting the Ideal Lavender Plant for Your Garden

    Selecting the perfect lavender plant for your garden involves considering several factors. Choose from various lavender varieties, such as French and English, each with its distinct scent and colour. Ensure the plant is suitable for your climate's hardiness zone, taking into account its tolerance for heat or cold. Opt for healthy-looking plants, free from pests or disease, and consider the plant's size in relation to your garden space. Additionally, provide well-drained, slightly alkaline soil to support your lavender's growth and flowering.

    Lavender Blooming Season Guides

    All Year Round

    Lavender garden guide, Dentata. New Zealand Lavender Farm


    French Lavender
    Size: 100 x 100cm
    All year round.
    Most common variety in New Zealand garden.

    Spring to Summer

    How to choose the right lavender species for your garden. New Zealand Lavender Farm


    Spanish Lavender
    Size: 60 x 60cm
    Early spring to late summer

    How to choose right lavender for your garden, princess lavender.


    Spanish Lavender
    Size: 70 x 70cm
    Spring to mid summer

    Lavender plants selection, pink delight lavender. New Zealand Lavender Farm


    Spanish Lavender
    Size: 80 x 80cm
    Spring to mid summer


    Lavandula angustifolia (Pacific Blue), How to choose the right lavenders for your garden


    English Lavender
    Size: 45 x 45cm
    Early summer
    One of major variety is grown at Lavender Backyard Garden for dry flowers and edible lavender.

    Lavandin for lavender essential oil. Lavender Backyard Garden (NZ)


    Two types:

    Grosso Size: 55 x 55cm

    Super Size: 60 x 60cm

    Mid to late summer

    Grosso and Super are major varieties grown at Lavender Backyard Garden for lavender essential oil distillation.

    What Are the Most Potent Lavender Scents?

    Being a lavender farm in New Zealand, our primary cultivation is Lavandula x Intermedia, specifically for lavender essential oil distillation. This variety offers an aroma that is soothing and tranquil, albeit slightly more robust compared to Lavandula Angustifolia, thanks to its elevated Camphor and 1,8-Cineole content. If you would like to learn more about our farm click here to discover our farm.

    100% award-winning pure Lavender Essential Oil from Lavender Backyard Garden


    Some studies found that lavender aroma helps to increase in deep sleep and reduce awakenings in both men and women. We have designed natural sleep aids based on the lavender essential oils from Lavandula x Intermedia.


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