After PYO Lavender | 5 Awesome Ways to Use Dried Lavender Bunches


Awesome ways to use lavender dried flowers, Lavender Farm in New Zealand

After Pick Your Own Lavender

After you had great fun Picking Your Own lavender, what should you do next?

Once lavender has been picked, you can put a fresh bunch in a vase or dry it for later use. 

If you would like to dry your lavender, hang them upside down in a dark-dry place for them to air dry naturally. Read this article How to Dry Lavender .

Five Awesome Dried Lavender Uses

Once the lavender flowers has been fully dried, here are five awesome ways you could use your lavender dried flower.

  • Put the lavender dried flowers in a vase without water as home decoration.
  • If you cut the lavender flowers before they are fully open, they will retain their color and form best. Create dried lavender bouquets with other garden dried flowers as rustic home decoration. 
  • Remove dried lavender buds from the stems and collect them into sachet bags. Place lavender sachets under your pillow to help you sleep or put them in your wardrobes and drawers to repel clothes moths.  
  • Bake a tray of Lavender Shortbread Cookies for your afternoon tea. They are buttery and lightly sweet, with a floral flavor and aroma from dried lavender. 
  • Add handfuls of dried lavender buds and flowers to your gift wrapping. Not only will the soothing scent of lavender bring a smile to the recipient, it will keep the gift smell lovely for weeks and make your gift extra special. 

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