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Lavender Dried Flowers - Lavandula x Intermedia (Super)

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Lavandula x Intermedia (Super) dried flower has a light purple colour with a camphor scent, it has a stronger fragrant than Lavandula Angustifolia (Pacific Blue). The flower stem is about 45cm.

It can be used in home remedies and meditation by making lavender bags or lavender sachets. Dried lavender flowers are attractive and decorative. Some people hang them in bunches around the home or use them as part of a dried flower arrangement.

If you are after darker purple colour with lighter floral scent, you might like to choose Lavandula Angustifolia (Pacific Blue) dried flower.

$7.50 per bundle.

Approx. 70 stems per bundle.

Lavandula x Intermedia (Super)

Grow in New Zealand

Please note that the photos shown are for illustration only and may differ from actual size. We harvest our lavender flowers from fresh and then air dried. Just like other dried flowers, the size of the lavender will shrink when it is dried. Please do not expect the size of dried flowers to be the same size as the fresh ones. However, the flower colour will stay for very long time to make an extra feature for your house.

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