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How to prune lavender, Lavender Backyard Garden, a New Zealand lavender farm

Garden Tips: How to prune lavender. Advice from NZ lavender farm-Lavender Backyard Garden

Lavender botanical illustration by W. Mueller

Autumn is the time of the year to take care of your lavenders. In New Zealand, autumn is around March to May. Lavender is a semi-shrub plant. The word "Shrub" describes small to medium sized woody bushes. Lavender looks like a perennial flower because most of it is soft green growth. The green part will turn to wood after a few years old.

Pruning the lavender once a year is very important. It will slow down the formation of wood and prolong the lifetime of your plant.

How to Prune your Lavender Plant?

It is easy, simple and only have few key points:

  • Prune 1/3 of the entire plant, reshaping into a nice mound shape.
  • For those "leggy" verities, you might need to pay more attention to keep them in a nice shape.
  • Go heavier on an old plant but never cut down to the wood base.

Why you need to prune lavender?

The lavender will develop a woody center and stop producing new shoots. It means flower will be only on the outside edges, not in the center, destroying its overall appearance.

One of the joys of pruning lavender is the scent. It makes you feel cheerful and clearheaded. There is no doubt that lavender is calming and antidepressant for aromatherapy.

Lavenders is easy to take care. Just spend a little time in autumn it will appropriate with beautiful aroma in summer.

This is our lavender plant after pruning in our field in autumn. We normally use a machine to give them a hair cut. There is no need for it to be perfect but it is an essential process for their health of growing.

How to prune your lavender? Garden Guides from Lavender Farm in New Zealand.

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Lavender Backyard Garden Reply

To Rosalie Romero-
Hi Rosalie, lavenders are not hard to care. The key thing is they don’t like wet roots. Well drainage is important. However, they do need a full sun spot. It is not a good idea to plant along side of the house. They will lean toward the sun. Different variety have different blooming periods. You need to choose the variety that suits your blooming periods.

To Brenda-
Hi Brenda, we like to do our cuttings during spring time. However, like other cuttings, you need to make sure it won’t dry out.

Rosalie Romero

Like to plant lavender along side of house with a few roses that are already there. Dry facing North East. Best variety please easy care. Rosalie

Brenda nelson

Hi.when is the best time to take cuttings?..
Thanks brenda

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