Things You Might Not Know | Candle Burning Guide

Things You Might Not Know | Candle Burning Guide

Burning candle in the right way from NZ Lavender Herb Farm

Why has my candle wick turned into a weird mushroom-esque shape?

Why is there smoky stains surrounding my candle glass jar? 

Why has my candle started tunnelling, like a tunnel is forming right through the centre of the candle with so much unmelted candle left?

Yes, you might have been burning a candle wrong your whole life. 

Burning your candles the right way means saving money on buying more candles. Here are some tips for you. 

Trim your wick for the first burn

Trim your wick to 0.5cm before burning. This will help extend the life of the candle.

Once lit, make sure it is fully melted

Candles have a memory. The first burn determines the fate of your candle. Don't blow it out until the top layer of wax has melted all the way across. It usually takes at least two hours. In this way, you can prevent tunnelling, where the wick starts to sink lower and lower with lots of unmelted wax near the edge of the jar. The surface of the candle can stay flat all the time and the glass jar can stay clean.

Trim the wick every time you burn 

Use scissors or nail clippers to trim the wick every time when you want to burn your candle. It can prevent a weird mushroom-esque shape wick. The mushroom-esque shape wick makes the flame dull and obscure. Thus, trimming the wick can keep the flame in control.

So, remember, always trim your candle before you burn.

Keep your away candle from moving air

Moving air such as open windows, air conditions or fans can disturb burning, which will lead to unpleasant black marks on the glass jar. Also the scent will be lighter due to the moving air.

Hold the candle horizontally to light the candle when not much left

When you have around half of candle left to burn you may find it hard to light the candle, this is because there are not enough oxygen near the bottom of the jar. So the best way to light a candle is by holding the jar horizontally, this allows oxygen to flow through and make it easier for you to light the candle.

Discontinue use when only 1.5 cm of wax remains

Remember these tips and you won't feel frustrated about burning candles wrong anymore. 

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