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Lavender Eco-Friendly Car diffuser

Lavender Eco-Friendly Car diffuser

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Experience the perfect fusion of style and eco-consciousness with our Car Diffuser, a contemporary and chic accessory designed to enrich your aromatic journey while you're on the move.

🌿 Key Features

  • Sleek Material Selection: Crafted from either contemporary matte Aluminum or elegant natural oak, our Car Diffuser adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle.
  • Natural Fragrance on the Go: Each Car Diffuser includes two refillable sticks scented with essential oils, ensuring you enjoy a continuous, natural fragrance throughout your drive.
  • Effortless Enhancement: Engineered for road trips, this diffuser effortlessly attaches to your car's air vent, seamlessly integrating into your vehicle's ambiance.
  • Lavender Serenity: Our Car Diffuser comes with its own lavender essential oil-scented stick, offering a subtle and natural fragrance that enhances your car's atmosphere, blending harmoniously with the airflow. Say goodbye to overpowering scents or discomfort.

Enhance every journey with the soothing scents of nature and the modern elegance of our Car Diffuser.

It's the perfect companion for an eco-conscious and stylish drive.

    Size: 87.5*12.5*13.5mm

    One Set Contain: One Car Diffuser Device (Aluminum/ Natural Oak) , 2 essential oil scented sticks.
    Refill Sticks can be purchased separately.

    Read our blog post for tips on Choosing the Perfect Car Fragrance for Your Journey.

    Please Note: Our Car Diffusers are specifically designed for vehicles with horizontal air vents and work best in cars equipped with auto climate control, ensuring that the fragrance is released as the air circulates. The duration of the refill depends on factors such as the time you spend in the vehicle, the placement of the diffuser, and your preference for fragrance strength.

    Our formula exclusively utilises pure essential oils and does not incorporate any additional fragrances. Essential oils provide delightful scents that are naturally soft and subtle, setting them apart from the stronger, chemical aroma of fragrance oil.

    "From our farm to your home - passionately crafting lavender products for your wellbeing."

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