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De-stress Botanic Aroma Sniff Jar

De-stress Botanic Aroma Sniff Jar

22 g

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Introducing our aromatic sniff jar, a delightful blend of natural herbs and essential oils designed to enhance your well-being. The simple act of inhaling pleasant scents can work wonders, soothing your emotions and calming your mind.

🌿 Key Features

  • Refreshingly Natural:Our natural herbal aroma formulation is a meticulously crafted blend featuring selected herbs and essential oils, including roses, lavender, peppermint, and cloves. With just a quick sniff, you'll experience the calming and refreshing effects of our herbal blend enveloping you in tranquility.
  • Your On-the-Go Oasis:The best part? Our sniff jar is incredibly user-friendly. Take it with you anywhere you go. Keep it on your desk for an instant pick-me-up during work or carry it with you on the move to maintain calm and centeredness throughout your day.
  • The Power of Aromatherapy: Experience the natural wonders of aromatherapy with our aromatic sniff jar today, and discover the transformative difference it can make in your daily life. Elevate your senses, calm your soul, and embrace a new level of well-being.

Breathe In the Goodness. Elevate Your Day with Our Aromatic Sniff Jar.



Natural Dried Herbs, Essential Oil Blends, Menthol.


Bring the jar close to your nose and take a deep, slow breath. Inhale the soothing and delightful fragrance within.

"From our farm to your home - passionately crafting lavender products for your wellbeing."

Made in New Zealand

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