Eucalyptus Dried Foliage -'Baby Blue'

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Dried flower arrangements speak to our collective love for nature and a desire for simple, humble elements in the home

Eucalyptus 'Baby Blue' is incredibly popular amongst florist. 

  • It has alluring matt gray and blue foliage, making it a great pair for whites and pastels. 
  • Its sturdy, long stems boast scallop-esque leaves making it ideal for vintage style dried flower arrangement. 
  • It makes idea greenery for adding height and contrast to arrangements.
  • It adds a light fragrant and textural addition to your dried bouquets. 

$7.80 per bundle.

3 main stems per bundle. Each stem is around 30-35cm.

Grown at Lavender Backyard Garden, New Zealand.

Please note that the photos shown are for illustration only and may differ from actual size. We harvest our Eucalyptus 'Baby Blue' foliage from fresh and then air dried. Just like other dried greenery, some leaves tend to curl when it is dried. Please do not expect these long lasting dried flower look like the fresh ones. 

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