Natural Beauty | How To Use Body Oils

Natural Beauty: How to use body oil, Lavender Backyard Garden, Lavender Farm NZ

If you are the one who seems to be slathering on body lotions all the time, you are probably thinking if there is a better way.

That is Body Oil.

Body oil does everything lotions do but is longer lasting. It nourishes dry skin and protects against further dryness. You also can use body oil to focus on areas such as elbows and knees that need extra hydration.

How to use body oil

  • Rub a small amount onto skin. The body oil spreads more easily than lotion.
  • Apply after showering or bathing, while your skin is still wet to seal in moisture.
  • Gentle massage and spread the oil on your body but not face.
  • Let body air dry or pat gently with a towel.
  • Give extra oil to your elbows, knees and heel to smooth its dryness.

Lavender Backyard Garden Body Oil

We develop our premium lavender body oil based on our lavender essential oil.

Great for: Speedy absorption

It quickly absorbs into your skin and moisturizes your skin without staining your clothes or leaving your skin greasy. Containing the miracle oil, Argan oil, and other premium oils such as avocado oil and apricot oil as well as protective vitamin E.

Great for: Stress-relief

This blissful body oil is as soothing for the skin as it is for senses. The bottle comes finished with our lavender essential oil, which can take your stressful life away and provide a calm moment after a full-on day.

Difference between our English vs French Body Oil

The only difference between these two products is its lavender scent.

English (Lavandula Angastifolia) Body Oil gives generally sweet fragrance, where French (Lavandula x Intermedia) Body Oil provides a stronger fragrance with slightly camphorous scent.

Body oil of Lavender Backyard Garden scented by lavender essential oil will penetrate the skin and leave a lingering but mellow scent, not an overpowering perfume type of odor.

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