Botanical Living Style Decoration At Home

Botanical Living Style Decoration At Home, NZ Lavender Farm, Lavender Backyard Garden

Photo by Stephanie Harvey

Have you ever considered bringing plants into your home?

You may think that 'plants are supposed to be outside!' but there are actually many benefits to having plants as a decoration for your home. Having a botanical living style will improve your mental health and make you happier. If you think you need to spend more time outside with nature, but you are more of an inside person, just bring nature to you!

Here are some ways you could make your home more green.

1. Be creative, bring greenery into your home

Not all plants live outside, there are many indoor plants who survive better inside. adding some green inside your home is good for your living space because plants help clean the air and provide more fresh air and oxygen. Different plants require different amounts of light and warmth, here are some popular NZ indoor plants.

  • Monstera
  • Snake plant
  • String of pearls
  • Maidenhair pearl
  • Succulents
Monstera, Indoor Plant
Photo by Kara Eads 

2. Don't need to be perfect

You don't need fancy furniture to have a nice botanical home. All you need to do is move some furniture around and add some little things like throw pillows, rugs and artworks. You could also add some plants of different sizes and shape beside your couch, windows on the table, you could even have some hanging plants. Sometimes, old wooden display cabinets, rough wooden tables with metal legs and metal trollies look better with a variety of plants. The natural and leafy plant life softens up and compliments the hard edges and textures of rustic, rough, raw old furniture, making your home a mixture of industrial and botanical style.

3. Anything can be the vase

You don't need expensive and fancy vases to put your flowers in. You could even just clean out a old glass peanut butter jar and tie a little bow using twine or a ribbon and add the flowers in. You could also use enamel cups, glassware and water pitchers.

4. Dried flower arrangement gives character to your home

Dried flowers are both beautiful and can last a very long time. They are easy to look after because they don't need to be watered, but they make your home look extra cosy. You could make your own dried flower arrangements to put in your home or you could just get some ready dried and made flower arrangements from us! Lavender Backyard Garden air-dry our own grown lavender and flowers and design beautiful dried flower arrangement.



5. Add some green leafy prints

Floral-inspired patterns are making an appearance on everything, from your couches and sofas to wall hangings. Plant arts and prints create a leafy joy to your home. It is easy to get some floral and botanical prints on cushions and scatter them around on your couches and artworks that you could put anywhere. Sometimes, you could even put beautiful leafy wallpaper to one of your walls to give a conservatory feel. It is easy to go from a simple home to a beautiful botanical style home.

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