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Lavender & Camomile Herbal Tea - Loose Leaf

Lavender & Camomile Herbal Tea - Loose Leaf

20 Cups

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Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience as you unwind with our exquisite sleepytime tea blend, carefully crafted to envelop you in tranquility. Sourced from the finest organic chamomile flowers and our own home-grown lavender, this tea is your pathway to a restful, rejuvenating sleep.

🌿 Key Features

  • Organic Bliss in Every Sip: Our commitment to quality shines through in our selection of the finest organic chamomile flowers and our locally grown lavender, ensuring that you experience the soothing power of nature in every sip.
  • Caffeine and Tannin-Free Delight: Indulge in this caffeine and tannin-free alternative to regular tea, which offers gentle, calming effects with or without milk, anytime during the day.
  • Soothe Your Soul and Body: Let the soothing properties of valerian, chamomile, and lavender embrace you from the inside out as you sip this exquisite blend. Feel your body and mind ease into relaxation, preparing you for a night of truly restorative sleep.

Experience the Ultimate in Relaxation and Uninterrupted Sleep - Try Our Valerian-Infused Sleepytime Tea Blend Today.

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    We have a whole range of other delicious lavender tea blends and also herbal tea with no caffeine.


    Pure organic Egyptian chamomile, our lavender dried flowers.

    To Make

    1 teaspoon for 200ml cup
    Add freshly boiled water
    Steep for 3-4 minutes then pour

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