Merry Christmas | Amazing Christmas Present for Everyone

Merry Christmas | Amazing Christmas Present for Everyone

Christmas Countdown with Lavender Gift Ideas, Lavender Backyard Garden, NZ Farm

Photo by: Nicole De Khors

Count down the days to Christmas! In pinch for time or still stuck for ideas this Christmas?

Lavender Backyard Garden highlights some of our lavender gift boxes for you.

1. Gift Ideas for Busy Mum

Mum is always the one who runs in and out of the house. Give your mum something special for Christmas that is filled with aromatherapy goodies. They can put some essential oil in the burner or light a lavender essential oil candle to fill the whole room with calming, relaxing lavender aroma after a busy day. And before bed time, they can give a light spray of pillow mist on their pillow to help them have a good night sleep and nice sweet dreams.


2. Gift Ideas for Lovely Wife

You don't want to miss out this amazing gift box for your lovely wife. 
We design a mini bundle of dried flowers with our Floral Bath Salts and Lavender Essential Oil handmade soap. Whoever opens this gift box, will immediately smell the natural aroma of dried lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. 
It is divine and pleasant. They will love it!


3. Gift Ideas for Office Party

Be the talk of the work office party or family function with your awesome secret Santa gift. This mini gift box is perfect for secret Santa, whoever is lucky enough to get it, will love it! Here is the list of Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $25.


4. Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Is your girlfriend crazy about lavender? Lavender not only looks stunning but also has distinctive light and fresh scents that make it a multi-usage aromatherapy item. Surprise your girl with this gift box with lavender sleep and skin-care products. 

Luxury Lavender Gift Boxes

1. Gift Ideas for the Extra Special

Perfect Luxury lavender gift box. This beautiful box is perfect to make your gifting extra special. It is perfect for anyone loves lavender skin care.



2. Gift Ideas for Blueberry Lovers

Everyone loves blueberries. Who loves the sweet sensation that happens in your mouth when you eat something with blueberries? Our Delicate Sensations gift box has a mix of different types of blueberry sauce and jam. Blueberry jam and sauce is delicious but what happens if there is a hint of lavender?


We have a whole range of gift boxes perfect for everyone. Click to view more gift boxes. If it is still not what you are after, you can also choose to Build Your Own Lavender Gift Box to make it even more special for someone. 

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