Merry Xmas | Christmas Countdown with Lavender Gift Ideas

Christmas Countdown with Lavender Gift Ideas, Lavender Backyard Garden, NZ Farm

Count down the days to Christmas! In pinch for time or still stuck for ideas this Christmas?

Lavender Backyard Garden highlights some of our lavender gift boxes for you.

Lavender Gift Ideas for Everyone



Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Do you know what you are going to get for a child for Christmas? Give them this gift set with a cute enamel cup that is safe for children and perfect for putting their favourite drink. Make bath time even more fun with the colourful lavender scented bath bomb. After bath time, spray a bit of the Mimi and Rof pillow mist onto their pillow so they can have a nice deep sleep.


Gift Ideas for Busy Mum

Mum is always the one who runs in and out of the house. Give your mum something special for Christmas that is filled with aromatherapy goodies. They can put some essential oil in the burner or light a lavender essential oil candle to fill the whole room with calming, relaxing lavender aroma after a busy day. And before bed time, they can give a light spray of pillow mist on their pillow to help them have a good night sleep and nice sweet dreams.

Gift Ideas for Kids

Are you stuck on Christmas shopping for a child? Give them something special that they will love. They can use this safe enamel cup that is perfect for children who drops stuff all the time. This cup will not break! They can go camping with this cup and using the Mimi and Rof insect repellent, they don’t need to worry about bites on their adventure. After a big day, children all need to get a good sleep to get them ready for another adventurous day. Use the Mimi and Rof pillow mist to leave them in a nice deep sleep dreaming their favourite dream.

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Do you know someone who loves coffee? We have something special that they will love. Give them this gift box with a cute enamel coffee cup and lavender pillow mist for Christmas. They can wake up in the morning and drink a delicious cup of coffee with their enamel cup. Then, at night, they can lightly spray a bit of the lavender pillow mist onto their pillow so they can have a nice sleep dreaming about the next mornings coffee.

Luxury Lavender Gift Boxes

Gift Ideas for the Extra Special

Perfect Luxury lavender gift box. This beautiful box is perfect to make your gifting extra special. It is perfect for anyone loves lavender skin care.


Gift Ideas for Blueberry Lovers

Everyone loves blueberries. Who loves the sweet sensation that happens in your mouth when you eat something with blueberries? Our Delicate Sensations gift box has a mix of different types of blueberry sauce and jam. Blueberry jam and sauce is delicious but what happens if there is a hint of lavender?


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