Healthy Living | Yummy Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Healthy Living: Delicious Blueberry Smoothie Recipe from NZ Blueberry & Lavender Farm.

Blend up a healthy breakfast smoothie for a satisfying meal that is exactly what you need to start a day.


1 cup blueberries (frozen or fresh)

220g plain yogurt

3/4 cup reduced-fat milk

2 tablespoons honey

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1/2 cup ice cubes

Prep 5 mins   Ready in 5 mins


Combine blueberries, yogurt, milk, honey, vanilla, nutmeg and ice cubes in a blender. Blend on high speed until frothy. Serve immediately.

We are a blueberry farm in New Zealand. Come to our farm during December and January to Pick Your Own (PYO) blueberries. Click to learn more about Summer Activities at Lavender Backyard Garden. 

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