Best Scents | How to Use a Lavender Sachet

Best Scents: How to use a lavender sachet, Lavender Backyard Garden, New Zealand Lavender Farm

Lavender has a calming and graceful herbal scent with fresh flowery notes. It is a timeless classic relaxing favorite.

Lavender sachets have many uses in your daily life. It is simple, a small organza filled with dried lavender buds.

Here are some ways to use a lavender sachet.

  • Stow a lavender sachet in drawers or closets to scent your clothing and keep insects away
  • Tuck a lavender sachet in your pillow to help you have a better night's sleep.
  • Toss a lavender sachet in the dryer with laundry.
  • A lavender sachet for your car is a pleasant alternative to commercial air fresheners.
  • Lavender sachets can be used as a natural alternative to mothballs to help repel moths.
  • Use a lavender sachet for your sport's gear bag to get rid off stink smell.
  • Keep a lavender sachet in your bag. Take a couple deep breaths of lavender soothing smell to relax your tiring brain.
  • Use a lavender sachet as a bath sachet.

The uses of lavender sachets are endless.

Lavender Backyard Garden is a lavender farm in New Zealand. Our lavender sachets are made from beautiful fresh flower, they dry naturally, by hanging them upside down. Every flower bud bursting with lavender essential oil.


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