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Amazing Graduation Gifts for Women

Amazing Graduation Gifts for Women

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Surprise her with our lavender aromatherapy gift box filled with our best-selling lavender products, including a beautiful dried lavender bouquet.

This gift set is a surefire way to impress the special women in your life, be it your mother, wife, girlfriend, or friend. Ideal for all occasions, including Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, birthdays, or just as a thoughtful thank-you gesture. 

🎁 Amazing Graduation Gifts for Women Gift Box Contains:

  • Lavender Pillow Mist: Drift into a deep slumber with our lavender-infused pillow mist, promoting tranquil rest.
  • Lavender Hand Cream:  Nourish your hands with our lavender-scented hand cream, enriched with shea and coconut oil.
  • French Lavender Body Oil 120ml:  Pamper your skin with our body oil, featuring argan and avocado oils for a luxurious glow.
  • Lavender & Chamomile Herbal Tea - Loose Leaf: Sip serenity with our loose-leaf lavender and chamomile herbal tea, a soothing beverage to unwind.
  • Lavender Goat Milk Handmade Soap Experience the gentle cleansing of our lavender goat milk handmade soap, leaving your skin refreshed and fragrant.
  • Dried Lavender Sachet:  Enhance your spaces with our dried lavender sachet, offering a delightful and natural lavender aroma.
  • Dried Lavender Bouquet:  Adorn your surroundings with our lovely dried lavender bouquet, adding a touch of lavender elegance to any setting.

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