Spring Blossoms Essential Oil Natural Perfume

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Just like a piece of music, the musical notes make up a song, perfume notes are the individual components that form a pleasing scent with different layers when combined.

This collection is one of the best-sellers in our shop!

Spring Blossoms essential oil roller blend:

  • The top note is a fresh, soft, floral, herbaceous lavender aroma; the middle note is a rich, sweet, lemony floral aroma with a faint woody note; the base note is a warm, balsamic with little bit woody aroma.
  • This is such a wonderful smell. Even a sniff of the roller ball it will make you feel like spring is with you all the time.
  • It is blended and crafted from 100% pure plant based essential oils. It is cruelty-free and made without synthetic chemicals. It contains fractioned coconut oil to help those with sensitive skin.

This roller blend is designed for daily usage. We recommend to apply once 2-3 hours to receive their full benefits. 

We also have other scents in the Essential Oil Roller Blend Collection, which are designed for different occasions. You will love it!

Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Essential Oil, Essential Oils, Fractioned Coconut Oil.

Made in New Zealand.


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