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Lavender Backyard Garden

Dried Lavender Sachet

Dried Lavender Sachet

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Did you know that a small bag could offer such a sweet scent and also be a captivating sight? Our Lavender Sachet is a testament to both beauty and fragrance, enclosed in a delightful purple organza bag.

🌿 Key Features
  • Nature's Essence in Every Bag: Within this charming sachet, you'll find dried lavender flowers brimming with lavender essential oil. Each flower is handpicked, gently air-dried, and carefully placed into these sachets, preserving their natural beauty and aroma.

    Sweet Dreams and Practicality: Not just a decor accent, our Lavender Sachet has numerous practical uses. Slip it under your pillow for a tranquil night's sleep, or place it in your wardrobe, clothes drawers, and linen cupboards to naturally ward off moths.

    A Fragrance Refresher: When you notice the scent waning, give the sachet a gentle squeeze to release a burst of the rejuvenating lavender fragrance.

    Endless Possibilities: The versatility of lavender sachets knows no bounds, making them an indispensable addition to your daily life.
        🌷 Straight from Lavender Backyard Garden:

        Rest assured, these sachets come straight from the lavender fields of Lavender Backyard Garden, ensuring authenticity and the highest quality.

        Enhance Your Space. Elevate Your Senses with Lavender Sachets Today.

        Please note: The price is for One bag of Lavender Sachet.

        Discover more about our blog post on How to Use a Lavender Sachet? and learn creative ways to use this versatile product.



        Lavender Rubbings.

        HOW TO USE

        Place under pillow for restful sleep for sweet dream. Protect textiles in closets and drawers as moth repellent. Enhance your space with lavender freshness.

        "From our farm to your home - passionately crafting lavender products for your wellbeing."

        Made in New Zealand

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