6 Lavender Wedding Favour Ideas for Wedding Reception

6 Lavender Wedding Favour Ideas for Wedding Reception, NZ Lavender Herb Farm

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Wedding favors serve as a heartfelt token of appreciation for your guests, offering them a tangible keepsake from your joyous celebration. As a guest, there's nothing quite like the delight of arriving at the reception and receiving a special gift just for you.

Yet, the quest for the ideal wedding favor can often prove to be a daunting task.

If you're in search of distinctive and memorable wedding favour ideas, consider these charming lavender-themed options for your momentous day.

1. Lavender Sachet

Indulge your guests with a touch of luxury by offering them a divine purple organza bag filled to the brim with dried flowers infused with soothing lavender essential oil. This aromatic delight is sure to bring a smile to their faces


Alternatively, for those who appreciate the beauty of natural colors and ingredients, our green organza bag is a perfect choice. It comes filled with a fragrant blend of dried lavender flowers, rosemary, and eucalyptus leaves, providing a delightful sensory experience for your guests


2.  Floral Bath Salts Tube

Present your wedding guests with a beautifully crafted tube containing fragrant bath salts infused with lavender essential oil, adorned with delicate rose petals and a finishing touch of lavender on top.


3. Creamy Coconut Milk Bath Tube

It is another cute tube option for your wedding reception. The tube is not only full of lavender aroma but also has a yummy coconut milk smell. Give your guest a little treat by having a relaxing skin care bath soak after they go home. 


4. Lavender Bath Bomb

Here's another charming tube choice to enhance your wedding reception experience. This tube not only envelops your guests in the soothing scent of lavender but also offers the delightful aroma of coconut milk. Treat your guests to a little indulgence with the promise of a luxurious and relaxing skincare bath soak once they return home.


5. Blueberry Jams with a hint of Lavender

Add a touch of sweetness to your wedding favors with a petite jar of our blueberry jam infused with a subtle hint of lavender. This choice harmoniously resonates with a summer theme, particularly when blueberries and lavender are in their prime, yet it remains a delightful option for any season due to its universally appealing sweet essence.


6. Lavender Handmade Soap

Express your gratitude to your guests by enveloping them in a gentle "lavender embrace." Our goat milk soap is infused with the exquisite scent of lavender, and the richness of goat's milk creates a luxuriously creamy texture, delivering a silky lather to pamper your guests.


If you would like to design a custom small gift box for your wedding reception, click Build Your Own Gift Box for more ideas. 

Discover Unique Lavender-Themed Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a heartfelt token of appreciation, offering guests a tangible keepsake from your celebration. Simplify your search for the perfect wedding favor with these distinctive lavender-themed options:

  1. Lavender Sachet: Purple bags filled with lavender-infused dried flowers.

  2. Floral Bath Salts Tube: Tubes with lavender-infused bath salts and rose petals.

  3. Coconut Milk Bath Tube: Aromatic tube with lavender and coconut milk scents.

  4. Lavender Bath Bomb: Lavender and coconut milk-scented bath bomb.

  5. Blueberry Jams with Lavender: Jars of blueberry jam infused with lavender.

  6. Lavender Handmade Soap: Goat milk soap with lavender fragrance.


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