Body Treat | Using Bath Salts Without A Bathtub!

Using bath salts without a bathtub from NZ Lavender Herb Farm, Lavender Backyard Garden

Bath salts are known for an easy and inexpensive way to ease stress and boost your overall health. Bath salts are commonly made from magnesium sulfate such as Epsom salt or sea salt such as Himalayan salt. They all easily dissolve in warm bath water and have been used for stress relief to pains and aches. 

But What if you don't have a bathtub?

Here are a number of ways for you to use bath salts and enjoy some of the benefits without a bathtub. 

Bath salts in a steam bath

To add a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there of bath salt to the bottom of your shower box. The aroma of lavender essential oils will rise with the steam and diffuse throughout your shower box.

Similar to a shower steam, you can fill up a sink of steaming hot water with a tablespoon of bath salts and pop your head over it to enjoy the benefits of the steam and essential oils.

A hand soak or foot soak with bath salts

Doing a foot soak with bat salts before bed can help you relax and be calm and ready to sleep. Fill a basin with warm water until it is deep enough to cover your ankles. Add a tablespoon of bath salts into your foot soak. Without having a whole body into a both, you can still receive the benefits of the magnesium absorption. A foot soak also helps to ease tired or aching feet with some foot issues such as dry cracked heels or athlete's foot. 

Similar to the foot soak, you can use the bath salts for a hand soak as well.

Direct apply to your body when shower

You can take some bath salts and apply them directly to wet skin. Let it sit and absorb onto your skin to achieve incredible healing and therapeutic benefits to your skin and body. You can also use our Lavender Himalayan Salt Body Scrub Soap to exfoliate and cleanse. 

We are a lavender farm in New Zealand. We grow lavender, distill lavender essential oils and design premium lavender products. Here are some of our lavender bath salts products for you.



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