Stress Relief Tips: Your Ultimate Lavender Bath Guide

Stress Relief Tips: An Ultimate Lavender Bath Guide, Lavender Backyard Garden, New Zealand Lavender Farm

From the bath room environment to skin care treatment, follow this ultimate lavender bath guide to create the perfect bath experience.

Quiet, tune out the noisiness

Pleasant and quiet environment is an essential for your bath time. Silence brings you more peace. Leave your phone in the other room and keep your space no disruption.

Lighting up a calming lavender candle

The pleasantly mild aroma of lavender soothes the soul, balance the mind and relaxes the body. The candle flame helps to reduce stress, calm down and increase self-awareness.

Lavender Backyard Garden lavender soy candle is made by 100% pure Lavender Essential Oil, which is harvested and distilled from our farm. We use natural soy wax that provides cleaner burning - no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants. It means this lavender soy wax is less likely to trigger allergies. Our candle makes the surrounding air full of lavender aroma and gives a strong hot throw.

Set the right temperature for the bath tub

A  perfect bath should feel warm and not uncomfortably hot. There is no optimum temperature. Select your preference to touch but the water should be slightly warmer than your body temperature, which is around 37°C. Taking a bath with too hot water irritates your nervous system and also can cause problems if you have a heart condition.

Add some lavender Epsom salts

Epsom salt has been used for years to ease all kinds of pains and aches. For a relaxing bath soak, add 2-3 scoops of Epsom salt, or the amount recommended by your doctor to your bathtub.

Read more about Epsom salts: Amazing Benefits and Uses of Epsom Bath Salt.

Add moisturize to bath time

Toss a bath melt into your warm bath to melt. The skin-nourishing oils will mix with water and soften your skin.

Our creamy lavender bath melts are soon or later to become your favorite. Your skin will feel the concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids of Shea Butter and Coconut Butter incredibly nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

After bath

It is never easy to get out off the bath.

Once you have dried, treat your skin with lavender body oil to lock in moisture.

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