Can Flower Water be used as a Toner?

Can Flower Water be used as a Toner?

What does a Toner do for your face?

A toner is a water-based solution that gently refresh and balance your skin after facial cleanser. It prepares the skin to serve as a primer for any other skin products in your skincare routine due to its water-based nature.

6 Benefits of using Facial Toner

If you hesitate about adding a facial toner to your skin care routine, here are six key benefits to why you should include it in order to level up your skin care.

1. It rehydrates your skin gently without robbing its natural moisture.

2. It is refreshing! A great way to start your daily skincare routine. 

3. It can calm & soothe your skin when your skin suffer from temporary redness or discomfort.

4. It helps balance the pH level of your skin and improves the efficiency of other skincare products penetrating into your skin.

5. It naturally cleans oil, dust, bacteria and makeup that can still be lingering after washing with a cleanser.

6. It can restore your skin's pH level, smooths and gives skin a tighter look by making pores appear smaller.

Why Floral Water Can Replace Your Skin Toner? 

Many toners contain alcohol, which can cause irritation and dry out your skin.

Floral water, or as also known as flower water or hydrosol. They are byproducts of the essential oil distillation process which is made from various types of plants and flowers such as rose, lavender or chamomile. The floral water is safe to use directly on the skin because the essential oils have already been diluted in water.

Wth their unique properties and fresh, slightly faint and not too strong aroma, floral waters make excellent skin toners.

Lavender Floral Water 

Lavender Floral Water is obtained during the distillation process of the lavender essential oil. With its incredibly relaxing scent, lavender floral water makes an ideal facial toner.

Its antibacterial properties helps to kill bacteria in the skin and stimulate tissues and tighten pores without clogging. It can be used on all skin types. However, it provides a great care for mildly blemished, sensitive, oily and problematic skin. 


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