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Lavender & Rose Earl Grey Tea - Loose Leaf

Lavender & Rose Earl Grey Tea - Loose Leaf

20 Cups

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Indulge in a cup of tea that combines the best of nature's herbs, lavender, and bergamot oil, for a delightful afternoon treat.

🌿 Key Features

  • Premium Blend from New Zealand: Hand-blended in New Zealand, our tea features premium Ceylon Black tea infused with the essence of Italian bergamot, complemented by delicate rose petals and our own lavender flowers.
  • Pair with Your Favorite Cake: Enhance your afternoon tea experience by pairing this exquisite tea with a delicious cake of your choice. Savor the sweet and spicy notes as you relax and unwind.

Experience the Perfect Harmony of Lavender and Bergamot - Try Our Afternoon Tea Blend Today.

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We have a whole range of other delicious lavender tea blends and also herbal tea with no caffeine.



    Black tea, Bergamot Oil, Rose Petals, Lavender Dried Flowers.

    To Make

    1 teaspoon for 200ml cup
    Add freshly boiled water
    Steep for 3-4 minutes then pour

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