Lavender & Rosemary Focus Candle 60ml

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We believe that great cold and hot throw are essential to a good candle.

A good cold throw is you can smell the beautiful scent when the candle is on display unlit. A good hot throw is the candle perform equally well when burning.

Healing benefits of lavender have been shown to help reduce anxiety and emotional stress, while improving sleep, alleviating headaches and more!

Our lavender and rosemary soy candle is handmade by using:

  • Lavender with light rosemary and lemon scent will refresh you during long day works.
  • Contain Rosemary essential oil that helps your focus and improves your memory. It is a must-have balm to help you focus when studying for exams.
  • It is a nice blend of essential oils that smell pleasant in anyway. No fragrance oil blended.
  • 100% cotton wick.
  • 100% natural soy wax which is GMO FREE and contains NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives. 
  • A clean burning, headache-free candle.

Enjoy light and lavender aroma up to 15 hours.

Please note our formula only uses pure essential oil and does not blend with any other fragrances. The nature of pure essential oil candle gives an amazing cold throw but have more soft and subtle hot throw compared to fragrance oil candle. This small candle is designed for small space or close-up usage such as on your desk.

Burning candles the right way means saving money on buying more candles. Click and read this article The Right Way to Burn Candle before you light your candle.

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Made in New Zealand.


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