How to Use Reed Diffuser?

How to Use Reed Diffuser?

Reed diffusers offer a simple and enduring solution to fill your space with delightful aromas. Not only do they provide a wonderful scent, but their stunning designs also enhance your home decor with an elegant and stylish touch.

What are Reed Diffusers?

Reed diffusers are a great alternative to oil burner for adding fragrance to your home or office. While oil burner use heat or water to disperse the scent of essential oils, reed diffusers work by allowing fragrance oils to evaporate and travel up the reeds, releasing the scent into the air.

One benefit of reed diffusers is that they are low-maintenance and can last for several months without needing to be refilled, whereas oil burner require regular refilling and cleaning. Additionally, reed diffusers often come in beautifully designed bottles and with decorative reeds, making them a stylish addition to your décor.

How Reed Diffusers Work?

Reed diffusers utilize a straightforward mechanism called capillary action. Traditionally crafted from natural rattan reeds, these sticks are submerged in fragrance oil, allowing the liquid to be absorbed through their pores and travel upward. As the oil reaches the exposed end of the reeds, it evaporates, releasing scent molecules into the air. This process ensures a constant, fresh aroma, ideal for maintaining pleasant fragrances in spaces like bathrooms and foyers. Essentially, reed diffusers offer a continuous and subtle way to infuse any room with fragrance, without the need for heat or electricity, making them a popular choice for enhancing ambiance in homes and offices.

In addition to traditional rattan reeds, there are now various types of reeds used in reed diffusers to cater to different preferences and needs. Synthetic reeds, made from materials like polyester or polyethylene, offer a consistent and uniform appearance. They are chosen for their durability and ability to hold and disperse fragrance effectively. Bamboo reeds, on the other hand, are gaining popularity for their eco-friendly properties and stylish appearance. They provide a sleek and modern look while still offering excellent fragrance diffusion. These different types of reeds allow for versatility in design and performance, catering to a wide range of preferences in reed diffuser setups.

How to Use Reed Diffuser?

Here’s the best way to use a new reed diffuser:

  1. To prevent spills, place a few paper towels under the glass vessel before setting up your diffuser. Be cautious not to place it on wooden or delicate surfaces, as the oil can leave stains.
  2. Insert the included reed sticks into the diffuser oil in the bottle to allow them to soak up the fragrance.
  3. Allow the reeds to soak up the oil for a few minutes, then flip them over so that the dry end is in the bottle and the saturated end is facing upwards. This will help the fragrance to diffuse evenly.
  4. Insert the unsaturated (dry) end of the sticks back into the bottle.
  5. Sit back and let the reed diffuser naturally disperse its luxurious aroma throughout your space as the fragrance gently evaporates into the air.

How Frequently Should I Flip the Reed Sticks?

Flipping your reed sticks periodically is recommended to maintain a continuous and fresh fragrance in your space. It's suggested to flip them approximately once a week or every two weeks. This simple action helps redistribute the fragrance oil and prevents the reeds from becoming clogged, ensuring optimal scent diffusion.

To flip the reeds, gently remove them from the diffuser vessel and insert the dry end back into the oil. It's advisable to perform this task over a sink or trash can to catch any potential oil drips, which can stain your table or desk. Additionally, using a tissue to handle the reeds can help keep your fingers clean during the process.

Choosing the Right Reed Diffuser for You

When selecting a fragrance for your reed diffuser, you'll have a vast range of options to choose from. Some diffusers use fragrance oils that simulate the aroma of essential oils, while others contain a blend of essential oils and carrier oils. It's crucial to bear in mind that essential oils are believed to have therapeutic benefits, such as improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety, while fragrance oils do not have these advantages. Therefore, consider your needs and preferences when deciding on the type of oil you want to use in your reed diffuser.

Our lavender reed diffuser is made with 100% pure lavender essential oil, which is extracted from the flowers of the Lavandula x Intermedia lavender plant. It comes with natural rattan reeds, which are porous and perfect for soaking up the oil. Simply place the reeds in the diffuser, and the lavender fragrance will naturally permeate your space.





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