Tips for Creating the Perfect Personalised Gift Box

Tips for Creating the Perfect Personalised Gift Box

 Tips for Creating the Perfect Gift Box, NZ Lavender Farm, Lavender Backyard Garden


If you are reading this, it must be that time of the year again when you have to find a special gift for one of your loved ones, whether it is for a birthday, valentines or Christmas, a personalised gift box is always a great idea. Here is how you could build a perfect personalised gift box.

1. Pick a theme

Since you are at a lavender website, you are probably looking for a purple, nice smelling gift box. Choosing a theme helps you to decide which products the gift receiver will love. A few themes are:


An example of our ready-made Relaxation Gift Box.


Sleep well

An example of our ready-made Sleep Well Gift Box.


Skin and beauty

An example of our ready-made Skin & Beauty Gift Box.


    Bath and body

    An example of our ready-made Bath & Body Gift Box.



    An Example of our ready-made Aromatherapy Gift Box.


      Tasty Fine Food

      • Blueberry Jams with a Hint of Lavender

      2. Have a budget range

      It is important that you decide how much you want to spend on this gift box e.g $60, this could help your decisions on which products to put in the gift box easier.

      3. Keep size in mind

      Since there are so many different things that you could put in a gift box, sometimes it is easy to accidentally put everything into a gift box and find that it doesn't fit! Keeping the size of the gift in mind means that you would be able to avoid the annoying task of deciding which products to keep in the gift box and which to take out. 

      However, our largest size gift box should be enough for you to fill in lots of lavender goodies. 

      So far, all of this probably seems like a lot of work, if you don't have as much time you could always just choose one of our ready made, special, luxurious lavender gift boxes that will make a perfect gift. Pick your gift box from our Lavender Gift Box Collection.

      4. Decoration and visual sense

      In each of our Build Your Own gift boxes, we include a small bundle of dried lavender flower which makes the gift box look extra special and visually pleasing. It also makes the box smell nice when the receiver opens it. If you want you could also add a little purple lavender sachet which is cute and has a multipurpose, you can put in in your drawer, car, closet, bag, anywhere you can think of. It will also make the gift box smell extra nice when you open it.



      If you would like to bring in more purple colour into your gift box, you could choose Luxury Satin Lavender Sachet Bag.


      5. Make it meaningful

      Add a lavender card with special note to the gift box for the receiver to read. During our checkout, there is a section where you could add a note, if you do not see it, you could always just email us and it will be put in our system for our staff to write and add into the box.


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