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  • Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Lavender Sachet from Lavender Backyard Garden, a NZ lavender herb farm
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Lavender Backyard Garden

Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Lavender Sachet

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Did you know that there is such thing as a little bag that has an amazing soothing scent but also beautiful to look at?
  • A beautiful green organza bag is filled with dried lavender flower, rosemary and eucalyptus leaves which are grown in our farm.
  • It is made by harvesting the flowers and leaves, air drying them and filling into a little sachet bag.
  • Pungent, sharp and somewhat camphoraceous are the scent of eucalyptus. It combines with distinctive rosemary fragrance that is characterised by an energising, citrus-like and herbaceous scent. A hint of lavender scent tailored towards encouraging thoughts of serenity.
  • Always keep the sachets in your wardrobes, clothes drawers and linen cupboards to get rid of moths. 
  • When you feel that the scent is dying away, just give it a little squeeze and you will immediately feel a big burst of the aroma fill your nose.

The uses of this sachet is endless...

These rubbings are straight from the lavender fields of Lavender Backyard Garden.

It is all about being passionate to create great lavender products.

Made in New Zealand.


Dried lavender rubbing, eucalyptus blue gum leaves and rosemary leaves.