Dried Flowers | Best Flowers for Dried Flower Bouquets

Dried Flowers: What are the best flowers for drying from NZ Lavender Farm, Lavender Backyard Garden

Dried flowers are making a chic comeback.

It becomes one of the biggest trends for interior design. They are long-lasting, low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Plus they bring a new range of faded color options and textures to your home or table.

Here are some popular dried flowers you could use for your dried flower arrangement.

1. Lavender



Dried lavender brings the beauty and fragrance of the garden glory indoors for a long time. We are lavender farm in New Zealand. We grow two types of lavender and both of them are good candidates for dried flower arrangement. Lavandula Angustifolia (Pacific Blue) dried flower has a bright purple colour with a sweet but lighter floral fragrance. Lavandula x Intermedia (Super) dried flower has a light purple color with a camphor scent, it has a stronger fragrant than Lavandula Angustifolia.

2. Larkspur  



Larkspur is one of nature's most beautiful flowers. It can be seen blooming in the wild during spring and summer. Larkspur flowers provide tall, colorful blooms. The dried flowers of the larkspur retain their color and make excellent additions to dried flower arrangements or table centerpieces.

3. Gypsophila Baby's Breath  

Gypsophila Baby's Breath

Just like fresh Baby's Breath, dried baby's breath offers a delicate light airy feel and white balance to other larger or more dramatic flowers in dried flower arrangements.

4. Protea


Protea is a large, exotic flower in many vibrant shades, such as white, pink, bright yellow, red and caramel. Protea are fabulous as dried flowers. The nature of Protea keeps their structure well and be a plant that does not fall apart easily. Its great sculptural qualities bring your dried flower boutique character.

5. Statice


Statice is a favorite annual blooms for gardeners. Its colorful blooms with dense and papery feel makes a stunning candidate for dried flower.

6. Strawflower


Strawflower is known for its everlasting blossoms. It comes in a wide variety of glistening colors which will brighten both your garden and dried flower arrangements.

We air dry our flowers by hanging bunches upside down in our farm shed. When you air dry your flowers, make sure the stems are straight and the environment allows air circulation around each bunch. For more information about drying flowers, click and read our blog post Step by Step: How to Dry Flowers?

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